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Financials + Insurance

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All of your questions answered about financial options and insurance coverage for midwife services.

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Did You Know:
Some insurance companies (BlueCross BlueShield, United Healthcare, Cigna, Humana and more) will cover at least part (if not all!) of a home birth, but every health insurance plan is different. The only way to know the out of pocket cost to you is to submit an insurance verification.
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I Care About Your Out Of Pocket Costs

I only work with a top-rated professional medical verification and billing team called STM Billing which will ensure your insurance covered portion for your midwife and birthing process are optimized. 

Insurance can be tiresome and confusing, especially when you are not familiar with all the terminology and billing code criteria. So I take the frustration out of it for you by ensuring my billing team verifies it for you! 

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Self-Pay Options Available:

These are fees charged by Sunflower Midwifery, and Midwife Elizabeth "Nikki" Marterre directly.


Global Fee

$3,000- $5,000.

This cash price Includes prenatal care, homebirth and postpartum care (the total fee for your midwife). This fee is set on a sliding scale, and based on filling out a Discount Eligibility Form which determines your family income vs basic expenses.  This allows more Austin families to access home birth services.


Additional Fees (Not paid to Sunflower Midwifery)

These are fees which are charged to businesses other than Sunflower Midwifery and Elizabeth "Nikki" Marterre, CPM, LM.


Birth Kit


This homebirth kit is purchased by you in the 3rd trimester from "In His Hands" Birth Supply company. Your midwife has a personalized birth kit from this company she will share with you.


Lab work


Price varies based on selected lab work for current pregnancy and birth, and which Austin lab is used. Your midwife will discuss with you which are recommended for your homebirth.




Price varies based on the recommendations of your midwife, your insurance, the Austin area imaging company, and number of ultrasounds desires/needed. Most homebirth families receive just 1 or 2 ultrasounds. 


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The Next Steps


Contact me with the method of your choosing listed below, I offer email, phone, text, and direct message options


Please provide details on what stage of the pregnancy journey you are on, and if we are utilizing self pay or the insurance option.  I can always guide you through any questions you have.


If we are going through your insurance, I'll email you a form to fill out to provide your insurance details or a photo of front and back of the card for free verification call


Take a deep breath and let yourself relax, and I will take care of everything else to prepare you for this exiting stage in your life!

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Contact Me​

Do you have questions about working with a midwife?

I am happy to answer all of your queries to help determine if we are a good fit for your needs.

The initial consult is 100% complimentary, so reach out today!


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Call or Text: 512-745-9635

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